The Art of Staying Awake

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Yesterday, when my sons came home from school, I was in the middle of work. I had been sitting behind my computer since early morning (#WFH, you know what it´s like…), from the moment they left for school. It was now 4.30 pm and I was still sitting there, doing things.

The youngest of my children, the seven -year-old, tried to catch my attention as he came home, but I was “busy working” and more or less ignored him.

- Using the RACI Method to Improve Teamwork

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Do you have a feeling that the roles in your team are unclear and not as well defined as they could be? Do you lack an instrument to fine tune the roles and tasks assigned to your team? The RACI matrix, or the RACI method, as described below, is a part to the solution to better your teamwork, and increase your productivity.

Do you know why soccer teams always have a coach?

Before going into the RACI Method, imagine a soccer, or basketball, team without a coach, or without a clear game plan. Imagine an orchestra without its conductor!

A number of skilled players, but without clearly defined roles or…

- Thank you!

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Today I reached a small target. I now have 900 followers, and this is to extend a humble Thank You!, to you, as one of my followers, and for your continued support!

I would also like to extend a Thank You! to my supporters over at An Idea that continues to publish most of the content that I decide to publish (I write a lot of crap that never gets published).

I have been writing at Medium on and off for about a year now, and find it to be a great learning journey.

Not only do I use this…

Leaders that communicate well become more efficient — and their teams become more successful

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We all strive to become more efficient and more productive. The majority of all employees want to be part of an efficient team. We are social creatures that thrive when we collaborate and feel as if we are part of a successful team.

Even though we may live in the era of individualism it is a myth that people does not want to be part of teams, preferring to work as solitary islands. …

Teamwork or Individual work?

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One of the greatest challenges for any leader of today is to create a team that can thrive together and deliver on the highest possible standard.

We live in an era of strong individualism, where most employees wants to find satisfaction rather than just having “a job that requires very little effort”, as mentioned in the article included below.

To create a team that truly functions, in the sense of reaching certain goals and delivering the results set by the company leadership, is not always easy.

Leadership basically boils down to two things: accepting that you are leading people, but…

This is how you should change your leader style to become truly successful!

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What is leadership really about? This is a question many of us ask, probably quite often, and from both sides. As an employee or co-worker you have certain wishes or even demands on how your boss should be (or perhaps, should not be). As a leader you probably have other expectations on your team members.

I remember a boss from when I was young. From the very beginning I sensed that something was a bit off with him. He was overbearing, controlling and spoke ill of other…

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- The one key to unlock the secrets of living a life from within

I was abhorred and simultaneously fascinated by the statements he made: I am not earning enough! I deserve more money! There is no status in the job I do!

It was a few days after Chinese New Year, we were sitting on a large privately rented boat in the Mekong river, just off Phnom Penh, overlooking some poor Cham fishermen while they were emptying their nets. Their catch of the day was a few dreary fishes, probably tasting more of river mud than of fish.

Our table, on the other hand, was full of new years delicacies: beautiful small and…

- Setting goals and increasing your results

If you are anything like me you probably think that increased productivity must be exhausting and time consuming. At least I did. To the point that I thought I had to work all the time, at my fullest capacity, to reach my goals.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, I learnt that the more productive I was, the faster I could finish my work.

As it turned out, and in the end, I had more time to do the things that really mattered to me. …

Mindfulness as a life strategy

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In an earlier text I wrote about mindfulness and how it can be used to calm the mind (read it here).

This time I will give some useful advice on how you can put that to action, a way with which you can achieve some extra edge in life.

Most of us are probably well familiar with the fact that almost 80 percent of all New Years resolutions have already failed by this time of year: at around February most such resolutions have been forgotten or we have realized we will never reach the goals…

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